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Panther Concrete Restoration provides seamless flooring solutions to meet the special requirements for school and government floors.

Panther Concrete Restoration designs and installs seamless floor solutions for schools, colleges, and government agencies. These facilities have very specific seamless flooring needs. One of the most important is value. Polished concrete has low intial cost and the lowest maintenance cost making it perfect for tight budgets. All floors offered by Panther can be made anti-microbial. 

When time is of the essence.

Panther Concrete Restoration can provide a fast-cure MMA Systems that allow one-day installation of an entire seamless flooring system in schools and government agencies. With over 20 years of experience, Panther can solve almost any issue whether it's time urgency, safety, enviromental, or working within a tight schedule or budget.

  • Seamless Anti-microbial floors
  • Seamless Color quartz and flake system for locker rooms
  • Seamless urethane mortar floors for kitchens
  • Polished concrete for hallways, classroom and meeting areas 
  • Lab Floors
  • ESD Floors and Coatings

Polished concrete in offices of fire stations

Specialty coating for classrooms

Epoxy coating in clean rooms