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MMA Flooring Systems are the solution for your immediate installation needs.

Each layer cures in one hour or less which means the entire system can be installed in a day.

Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) based reactive acrylic resin is one of the more versatile products Panther installs. MMA can be used for a freezer floor or an outdoor surface and almost every industrial and commercial seamless flooring application in between.

MMA systems have been used extensively as decorative surfaces, but MMA can also be used for heavy duty overlays. Each MMA system layer cures out completely in less than an hour, so a complete flooring system can be installed in day or less. If you have critical flooring applications that need to be done in hurry, a Panther MMA Flooring System is ideal for you. MMA solutions are great for outdoor applications, operating rooms, lab floors, locker rooms, etc. MMA can also be made Anti-Microbial as well. Panther is an approved applicator of Dur-A-Flex, Sika, and Flowcrete.