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Seamless industrial floor systems from Panther can restore your floor to better than new and help keep your facility efficient, clean, and safe.

Panther Concrete Restoration heavy duty seamless polymer concrete coatings for manufacturing, distribution, and service facilities can help keep your facility efficient, clean, and safe for employees, guests, and prospective customers. Panther has a variety of polymer floor coatings and resurfacing options that make industrial concrete floors easy to clean and extremely durable. Having your industrial floor installed or restored by Panther shows your commitment to quality and a safe work environment. Panther’s full range of heavy duty seamless industrial floor solutions includes:

  • Seamless Epoxy and Urethane mortar resurfacer systems
  • Concrete floor surface preparation or coating removal by means of grinding, shot blasting, and scarifying
  • Concrete floor polishing for a high-gloss shine and low maintenance
  • Seamless Epoxy and Urethane concrete coating systems
  • Concrete Floor Repair: Spall, joint, and epoxy injections for permanent crack repair
  • ESD, Non-sparking, and Dielectric floors.

Are your floors Ready for Business? Different colors used for safety.

Coatings on concrete floors in plants can improve light reflectivity for a shiny, clean finish.

Heavy duty seamless epoxy resurfacer can stand up to severe abuse, has non-skid texture, and  will help keep your plant safe and clean.