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Seamless Industrial Floors and Epoxy Floor Coating Options. 

Panther Concrete Restoration, Inc. has unparalleled expertise, resources, and choice of products for your seamless epoxy flooring needs. Panther's expertise and superior craftsmanship ensures your concrete floor will be durable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Each floor is planned and installed by trained company employees, not subcontractors, who take pride in their work and strive to give you the best floor possible.


Epoxy Mortar Resurfacers

Improve the look of your worn concrete floors.

Resurfacers are mainly used to rejuvenate old, deteriorated concrete floors in manufacturing environments. They are typically applied at 1/4" thickness and are made out of epoxy polymers and quartz aggregate which provide three to five times the physical strength of the original concrete. It can take a beating. As a result, eroded aisles and floors turn into smooth, attractive surfaces. Resurfacers improve traffic flow, make floors easy to clean, enhance productivity by minimizing forklift and material handling equipment maintenance, and ensure a safe working environment. Resurfacers, trowels, and slurries, are the Cadillac of all industrial floor products and give you the lowest life cost of ownership.

Shop Floor

For durability and slip resistance.

Shop Floor is a generic term for a seamless epoxy floor coating with a sand broadcast. Shop Floor can be applied to properly prepared concrete as thin as 40 mils and can go as thick as 3/16." Customers who want us to install a seamless epoxy floor coating with a sand broadcast  generally need durability and slip resistance. Shop Floor also has better impact resistance than thin-mil coatings. Shop Floor concrete coating is great for businesses such as light manufacturing, auto repair, and machine shops.

Epoxy & Urethane Coating Systems

Perfect for manufacturing and warehousing environments.

Commonly used in dry goods distribution, light manufacturing, and warehousing environments, seamless epoxy flooring and urethane coating systems provide improved aesthetics and protection. Seamless epoxy flooring and urethane coatings also deliver high chemical resistance to both acids and alkalis and increases the duration of floor service. Seamless epoxy flooring and urethane coating systems will improve cleaning ability and light reflectivity, which cut energy and daily housekeeping expenses.

Color Quartz and Flake Systems

Asthetically pleasing and extremely durable.

The Color Quartz or Flake flooring system is a combination of clear resin (MMA, Epoxy and Urethane) and color quartz sand. It is commonly used for food preparation areas, sporting arenas, locker rooms, and lab areas. The Color Quartz system is decorative and extremely durable. Color Quartz systems typically have integral cove base for easy cleaning and sanitation requirements. Color Quartz systems provide a decorative look while providing a safe, non-porous, seamless, and skid-resistant environment.

Chemical Resistant Coating Systems and Liners

Coatings that stand up to the toughest of chemicals.

Seamless epoxy floor coatings and urethane floor coatings are inherently chemical-resistant. Panther has the capability to install systems that handle a wide variety of chemicals. Chemical-resistant coating and liner systems can be designed for primary, secondary and short-term exposure. Novolac Epoxy, Vinyl Ester systems.

Concrete Densifiers and System Sealers

Make your large retail floor much easier to clean.

Concrete densifiers and sealers harden the top layer of the concrete slab to control dusting and improve cleaning ability. Densifiers and sealers are commonly used in big box retailers and distribution centers, as well as when polishing concrete, but have little chemical resistance.

Cementitious Self Leveling Systems

Under and overlayments ensure a level floor before installing a floor covering.

Cementitious self-leveling underlayments and overlayments are commonly used to level floors before floor coverings are installed. Cementitious self-leveling underlayments and overlayments are often used in retail applications and can be installed and ready for use the same day.

Polymer Concrete Topping and Urethane Concrete

The solution that stands up to hot water cleaning and hot grease spills.

Polymer/Urethane concrete toppings are used primarily in food processing facilities and commercial kitchens because of their thermal impact properties. Polymer concrete can take the daily abuse of hot water cleaning and hot grease spills. It can also be installed rapidly in as little as one day and in temperatures as low as 40°F. Urethane concrete topping can be a slurry or trowel grade, and they can have a decorative color quartz or flake finish. Systems range from 1/8" to 3/8" thick. We Install Flowcrete Flowfresh, Sika Purcem, and Dur-A-Flex Polycrete.