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Surface preparation is a critical element of any coating project.

Grinding, Shot Blasting, and Scarifying – surface preparation of concrete is a critical element in the longevity of any coating, membrane, or seamless floor. Based on a thorough walk-through of the job site, Panther will recommend the appropriate surface preparation method for your particular project. Unlike most contractors, we own all of our equipment and our employees are full time. Concrete surface preparation methods we offer include:

Concrete Floor Grinding

Concrete floor grinding is used in the removal of industrial flooring, coatings, glues, mastics, high spots, and other imperfections. Concrete grinding can also be used as surface preparation for coatings or to produce a fine polish with the desired degree of shine and smoothness. Concrete Floor Grinding provides long-term durability and low maintenance cost. Concrete grinding can be used on both interior and exterior concrete surfaces.

Concrete Shot Blasting

Concrete shot blasting is primarily used as surface preparation for installation of industrial floors and coatings. Shot blasting can also be used for adding texture to the floor and/or cleaning concrete.

Concrete Scarifying

Concrete scarifiers, also called surface planers or milling machines, remove concrete, coatings, stripes, glues, mastics, high spots, crowns, and other imperfections in industrial flooring faster and more aggressively than grinding. As with our other surface preparation methods, Panther can use HEPA vacuum systems to reduce dust in sensitive environments.