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Cost-effective, long-lasting Structural Concrete Repairs and Restoration for industrial and commercial structures.

Panther has a reputation for providing cost-effective, long-lasting solutions for structural repair and strengthening and protecting commercial, industrial, and civil concrete structures. We specialize in pressure epoxy injection, and also offer all types of repairs.

Pressure Epoxy Injection

Pressure epoxy injection is the only way to permanently repair structural cracks in concrete. The process has been in use for over 60 years and Panther has over 20 years of experience using pressure epoxy injection. Other repairs are surface-applied “band aids” that do little or nothing to fix the problem. Pressure epoxy injection is recognized by ICRI and ACI. And, Panther has repaired cracks in thousands of structures with epoxy injection. As a licensed applicator for the Kemko Injection Process you can be confident that Panther will deliver the highest-quality job. Kemko structural crack injection products exceed ASTM C881, Type IV requirements for load bearing applications and are considered the best products in the industry. For more information on Pressure Epoxy Injection click here.

Panther Concrete Restoration, Inc. is a long time member of the International Concrete Repair Institute

  • Tiltwall Crack Repair

  • Repair Fire-Damaged Concrete

  • Structural Concrete Repair