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Panther ESD Flooring Systems eliminate static energy to improve product quality and reduce your warranty costs.

Panther has installed over 500,000 square feet of electrostatic dissipating (ESD) and conductive floors at military bases, missile plants, computer assembly lines, R&D labs, and electronic manufacturing. Panther’s ESD seamless floors (Epoxy and Urethane Versions - 6 mils to 1/4") are engineered specifically for electronic assembly areas to dissipate static energy within the production environment. Elimination of static energy improves product quality and reduces warranty costs. No cheap ESD waxes needed to make our floors work. We also install dielectric and non-sparking floors.

ESD seamless concrete floors dissipate static energy.

ESD properties will last the lifetime of your floor and are guaranteed to last five years.

ESD flooring for concrete will improve your product quality and reduce warranty costs.